Merchandise Monday (with a difference)

This week’s Merchandise Monday as the title suggests is a little different than the previous entries and could be considered cheating, but it’s for a good cause, so just roll with it for now.  Trinkets are all well and good, but this entry is something totally amazing.

As horror film fans we are subjected to any number of sub-standard attempts at horror movies, often seeing rehashes, remakes and direct copies rather than original pieces by true fans of the genre.  Due to recession studios are now less likely than ever to take a chance on a film, so we get the same kinds of films that they know will sell to a wider public.  This poses a big problem for film-makers who essentially have to fund their own work with little to no help.  One film-maker is using Twitter and Facebook to raise the £100,000 budget for his film Invasion of the Not Quite Dead.  That film-maker is AD Lane and you can find him on Twitter @indywoodFILMS.  The film is to feature no CGI gore or explosions and catering to fans of 70s and 80s horror.

The project is looking for producer donations and have a host of different and exciting rewards for donating.  The donations start from £5 and go all the way up to £5000.  Just choosing the £20 donation will enable UK donators to appear in the film as a zombie.  Now what other horror merchandise will allow you to do that?  There is also the option to upgrade your producer package to a new amount which is a great idea if you don’t have all the money up-front.  The higher your donation, the more stuff you get, including movie props after filming, signed posters, wrap party tickets and much much more.

Most importantly, by donating you are contributing to making a film-maker’s dream come true.  AD Lane does regular No Sleep Twitter Marathons and his next his to be a mammoth 101 hour session during every horror fan’s favourite holiday – Halloween.  Why not help him get on his way by donating and getting yourself some cool movie merch at the same time.  Please visit the website for full details of the packages and follow @indywoodFILMS on Twitter for all the up-to-date news on production and fundraising.

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If you yourself are making a film, writing a novel or creating your own horror merchandise or trinkets please get in touch.  As fun as mainstream horror merchandise is, it would be really nice to feature more fan-made items to help those who need it.