Merchandise Monday

Every Monday on the blog I’m going to try and feature a piece of horror merchandise that people may be interested in.  I’m always fascinated by the kind of merchandise that comes from horror films and it seems like horror fans are some of the most dedicated collectors around.

The first Merchandise Monday concerns one of my favourite films (in and out of the horror genre) The Exorcist.  My first viewing of The Exorcist came at a time when I was far too young, courtesy of some giggly teenage babysitters turning on the film halfway through Regan’s exorcism.  The image of Regan’s face out of context was utterly terrifying to my young mind and I’ve never forgotten that strange feeling that swept over me upon seeing it.  The only other time I had felt so frightened by something was when my dad allowed me to stay up watching Strange But True and a story about a tiny skeleton (it doesn’t sound so threatening now) kept me in nightmares for weeks.  I believe the night I saw Regan was enough that my mam never got someone to babysit me again.

Fast forward a few years and I was considerably less sensitive, having taken an interest in child-orientated horror things like Goosebumps and SpineChiller magazine, but was beginning to outgrow them and take an interest in more adult horror.  In 2002, I saw The Exorcist for sale on VHS, billed as ‘The Version You’ve Never Seen’ and had to pick it up.  At 13 years old I sat down to watch it in the living room with all the lights off and it blew me away.  While I didn’t find it as scary as I did when I caught those fleeting moments of Regan years earlier, the film had a much bigger impact on me, becoming a firm favourite.  I even screened it at my 14th birthday house party to those who had been warned away from watching it in the past.

With that bit of background, this piece of merchandise makes much more sense.  I recently saw it in Swansea market and fell instantly in love with it.  Such a harmless object to come out of such a controversial film.  I give you….

The Regan Possessed action figure!  She comes in her own little bed and while you can’t quite see the detail from this photograph, her dressing gown is peppered with little green stains.  Surely this would make the perfect addition to any horror fans bedroom.

Forbidden Planet are currently advertising a Web Price of £26.99, but they are all sadly sold out.  However, they do have a ‘Notify Me’ box for anyone who simply has to own one at this link.  I’m finding it hard to resist myself.


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