Spooky Style

I have a shoe problem.  I am well aware of this, with sections of my house now essentially dedicated to housing a variety of shoes.  Many I haven’t worn for a long, long time.  However I am blessed with the ability to delude myself into thinking I will definately wear the next pair more than any others, no matter how impractical the heel or style of them.


That said, I recently stumbled across these fantastic Iron Fist shoes over at online department store Very.  They are £90, which is a price sadly out of my reach, but just look at them.



I’m a big fan of pretty much anything with skulls on, but I think these are my current favourite item.  The little gold skulls make them very different to any other shoes I’ve found.  If you find these kind of things on a regular basis let me know where and how I can get a room at a reasonable price.  At a fairly ridiculous heel of 4.5 inches there is almost no way I could walk comfortably in them, but sometimes they’re nice to look at on a bad day.  As a compromise, I may invest in some Iron Fist Zombie Stomper flats instead.


The next blog post should be on Friday, if I can get this Internet dongle to do anything at all for any longer than 5 minutes at that point.  I’ve finally had to admit that I’m an Internet addict.


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