Merchandise Monday

A slightly later Merchandise Monday than usual, but still well within the confines of Monday so I’m not cheating yet.  I’ve just watched Insidious so am in need of some serious cheering up and to stop me from finding James Wan to plead with him that not everything needs to be explained within an inch of its life, a good drink.  With this in mind, it’s no surprise that this Merchandise Monday combines two of my favourite things – alcohol and the only film I pretty much watch on a monthly basis, Shaun of the Dead.


Behold the Winchester Tavern Pint Glass:

Complete with reassuring slogan ‘Have a nice cold pint.  Wait for all of this to blow over.’ who could resist this?  Quite frankly it’s a steal at $7 from and I need to find myself a UK stockist ASAP.  The only reason to not consider this is that you need more than one.  Luckily, that’s already been solved as you can purchase a pack of 6 for just $30 so you can face the impending apocalypse with 5 of your closest friends.

I feel much better already.  Now to find that UK stockist…..

As an aside, do check out the Altered Realities Radio site for brand spanking new reviews and features including an upcoming interview with star of Nightmare on Elm Street, Heather Langenkamp!


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