Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is another entry that concerns one of my favourite films.  This week it’s John Carpenter’s Halloween.  I love pretty much everything about Halloween – the music, Jamie Lee Curtis and particularly Donald Pleasance to name but a few special elements.  If there’s anything more fun than conversing entirely in the style of Dr Sam Loomis I certainly haven’t found it.  I know that Halloween is perhaps now best known for popularising the slasher genre and providing a market for churning out sequels and other slashers to the point of saturation, but it’s still a great film and needs celebrating.

At first glance this looks like a simple model bust like any other number of those available of different villains.  However, this one, available from (link will take you direct to the item, for temptation’s sake) has a removeable knife, although hopefully not a sharp one and it also lights up.  As everyone knows, where there are hollow pumkins with faces, there must be an eerie light and this piece of merchandise has taken that into account in a wonderful way.  It’s listed at $44.99 which means its a perfect price for that special someone who needs more Halloween in their life.

As a note to readers, if you see any merchandise (or create any yourself) and you would like to see it featured here, just get in touch with me via Twitter – @caitd5 or drop me a message over on DarkMediaCity – slightly more formal username of Caitlyn on there.


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