Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is probably the most practical entry thus far.  Some of the best horror merchandise actually isn’t obviously horror merchandise and can blend in to your home, allowing for your horror fandom to be a part of everyday life.  One of the most famous horror scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s wonderful film Psycho, takes place in a bathroom of a motel where a young woman on the run has her shower (and life) cut short.  What better way to celebrate that classic scene than kitting out your bathroom with Bates Motel accessories?


Aptly named The Monster Company has replica Bates Motel bath and hand towels to give your bathroom that authentic motel cabin feel.



The hand towel is priced at £15.99 while the bath towel is priced at £22.99.  They’d make a great housewarming gift for a horror fan setting up a home of their own.  The Monster Company store also offers towels from The Overlook Hotel, in case you’re more of a fan of The Shining.


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