Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is a little more tame in the horror stakes, but certainly not in price.  Beetlejuice is one of my favourite films, largely because of the blend of comedy and horror that I love so much.  Even though titular character Beetlejuice is only present in the film for a relatively small amount of time the performance is a memorable one.  The merchandise this week too, is a far more rare item from The Monster Company than previous entries.


This is a Warner Brothers promotional bottle of red wine, stored in an official Beetlejuice coffin and is £59.99 which is quite a price, but this is quite a collectible.  The item listing does advise buyers to not consume the wine even though the bottle is unopened, but it’s such a special little thing I can’t imagine ever wanting to destroy it by having a glug of it.


As always, if you have some merchandise you wish to sell, or even something cool you’d like other people to know about get in touch via Twitter.  Scared Sheepless now has its own domain name and soon an email address will be set up for all questions and queries related to the blog.


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