Merchandise Monday

October is, somewhat predictably, my favourite month of the year.  Largely because my birthday falls on the 5th, but mostly because of the excitement for Halloween goodness.  Due to coming from a fairly quiet village there are very few Halloween activities which means I’m mostly at the mercy of my television on the night.  While I haven’t seen a schedule yet, I’m keen to celebrate Halloween television in any way possible.  For this reason I will post a detailed appreciation of the night on Tuesday November 1st.  With that said, on with the merchandise!


This week’s entry I found in my relentless trawling of eBay and comes from arguably the most recognisable horror franchises around – A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Somehow, I’ve managed to wade through all of the sequels, ignoring much of the declining quality in some of the later offerings.  Still, Freddy Krueger is an iconic villain and face of horror and he needs celebrating.  However, comedy was one of Freddy’s strong points, so there’s no need for an entirely serious piece of merchandise to do this.


This, as you’ve probably already guessed is a Freddy Wacky Wobbler.  I found it here on eBay for $12.99 (or £8.34 depending on where you’re buying from).  Obviously consider postage before you buy, but its a relatively low cost addition to a horror collection.  There are only two remaining on that seller’s page, so act fast!


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