Merchandise Monday

Last Wednesday it was my birthday.  I’ve for some time now expressed a desire to own a Ouija board as a collectable item.  As a total skeptic I would never bother using it, but some boards are so well designed that I’m fascinated by them and the power they seem to hold over people.  I know some people get very upset about them, largely due to user accounts and film representations.  Still, as a horror fan they’ve always held a massive appeal for me.  Another reason for my love of today’s item is that it concerns possibly my favourite television series of all time – Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in particular, one of my favourite episodes.  This is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Conversations with Dead People Board:


Available from here on Amazon for just £19.47 it is a wonderful collector’s item for those interested in Ouija boards or in Buffy.  The manual is in the form of a comic as opposed to a wordy instruction booklet.  It’s a favourite of mine primarily because it fits the spirit of that episode entirely and for me, is one of the best pieces of merchandise that could come out of that series.  With this as the first board going on the shelf I hope to start collecting more and more.  Even if you’re not keen on the merchandise of this week, the reviews on that page are pretty good reading and demonstrate either a world of sarcasm or genuine fear about something once sold as nothing more than a board game like Monopoly.

WARNING: Do not play Monopoly alone.  If you do, Rich Uncle Pennybags will attempt to gain your trust.  Once he has this he will posess your mortal soul and lead you down a dangerous path.  Those suffering from Monopoly possession will find themselves unable to resist handing out £200 on street corners while twisting their head a full 360 degrees.

Pictured: Worse than Captain Howdy.


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