Merchandise Monday

Happy Halloween!  Due to there being almost nothing on TV for Halloween tonight (aside from a repeat of the fantastic Psychoville Halloween Special from last year, followed by the first part of A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss I’ve abandoned the idea of doing a Halloween TV round up tomorrow.  Hopefully next year we’ll get some good new stuff to watch.  The fact that BBC2’s offering is Halloween: Resurrection tells you everything you need to know about the scheduling for this year.


So, moan over and onto the merchandise.  I wanted to feature something a bit special today because of it being Halloween and all.  While browsing Forbidden Planet earlier I found a listing for a new book, available to pre-order:


I’ve not heard that much about the book (if I had I would have been salivating possibly even more than I am now), but the description says it includes input from Christopher Lee, Sam Raimi, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg among others.  Even if Landis’ name on the cover doesn’t float your boat, one of them is sure to.  It seems to be a pretty definitive book, with input from monster makers, actors and directors offering more perspectives than just Landis could offer.  Expected in Forbidden Planet’s warehouse tomorrow, it’s priced at just £24.99.  I intend to start heavily hinting to family members about it as soon as possible.

So…what’s so special about a book?  Surely it’s the same as any other book.  Well, in addition to it arriving at the Forbidden Planet warehouse tomorrow, John Landis himself will be making an appearance to sign copies at the Forbidden Planet megastore on Shaftesbury Avenue from 6-7pm.  This means that in addition to owning a pretty nifty looking book, you could also have it signed by the man himself.  My jealousy is just a freebie on top of all that.  Get there if you can!  Full details available here.


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