Abertoir Day Five

Following the Abertoir outing to Inn on the Pier, I had a rather late start on Saturday, but managed to fit in loads of fun stuff nonetheless.  The first thing I arrived for was a talk by Gavin Baddeley on the occult and magic (or magick) in films.  It was a fascinating talk that I could have listened to for hours because he was so engaging and knowledgable.  From George Melies through to Rosemary’s Baby he dealt with the representation and the reality of occult influences in film.


Next up was the World Premiere of Devil’s Bridge.  Again, I won’t say much about the film (will save that for the full review) but it was really great to see a Welsh film receive its World Premiere at Abertoir in front of a mostly appreciative audience.  It’s a film that deserves to do really well and be seen by more people.  The film’s director Chris Crow, producer David Lloyd and cast members Joseph Millson and Gary Mavers were on hand after the screening to answer questions about the film and its somewhat troubled production and distribution as well as future projects.


Devil's Bridge Q&A


The next film I went to was slightly different to the others in that it was a chance to take in a mystery Grindhouse ‘classic’ that’s classic for all the wrong reasons.  Nicko of Nicko and Joe’s Bad Film Club, introduced (I won’t say subjected, however apt it may be) to Zombie Lake, in which a Nazi Zombie returns from a lake to reconnect with his daughter.  A touching tale, if you ignore the copious amount of tits, terrible effects and camera crews and equipment in full view.  The film was terrible, but the experience was one of the best and I’d go to another one any time!


Last entry for tonight is coming up in a bit.  Hope you’re enjoying it!


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