Abertoir Day Four

Am home from Abertoir 2011 and have had such a wonderful time, hence why there haven’t been any updates since the Day Three entry.  I’ve never been that much of a multi-tasker.  So these few entries, complete with photographs for some (hopefully up by the end of the night) should fill the gap a bit.  Also, Merchandise Monday will return next Monday, as the coverage will be completed by then.  Full reviews of one film from each day will be added to Altered Realities, but the reviews are currently a work in progress, so for now, just my personal highlights of Abertoir.


On day four I was able to catch the UK Premiere of The Dead Inside – a musical comedy horror with a helping of romance.  It was an original idea and certainly an entertaining yet touching watch, although at times there seemed to be perhaps too many elements at work.  Still, its great to see films like this being made as even with some flaws, they at least have the ambition to be different.  Am really glad I caught this one.


The only other film I caught on day four was Inbred and the screening was followed by a Q&A with director Alex Chandon, led by Hayley of Quadramania (find them on Twitter – @quadramania).  I won’t say too much about the film as I’m saving most of my thoughts for a review, but it was one of my favourites of the week.  The Q&A was also entertaining with discussions about influences, funding and visual effects.

Q&A with Alex Chandon


Next up was the Masque of the Red Death party.  The Abertoir team went to great lengths in decorating the Arts Centre bar with curtains, candles and costumes, as well as booking great bands in the LAZE, Ghostfire and Devilish Presley.  The Vincent Price themed cocktails and shots were great too.  My personal favourite was the Poodle Surprise.  The Tingler shot almost killed me though!  The night also featured a costume contest being judged by this year’s guest of honor – Victoria Price.  Following the party it was off to the Inn on the Pier, which I was told was an Abertoir tradition.  It’s a good tradition, but I think my liver now hates me even more than it did before.


Devilish Presley


My favourite of the party decorations

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