Merchandise Monday

As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of bringing horror firmly into everyday life.  One thing you probably won’t know about me is that I love sushi (although not the raw fish stuff as it would interfere with the vegetarianism and that).  You’re probably a little nervous about where this is going right now – don’t be.  The ratings say that this particular Merchandise Monday subject is fully safety tested so there shouldn’t be any… unfortunate side effects.

That’s right – its an ‘Alien’ style Chest Burster chopstick.  What better way to enjoy your meal than by recalling one of the most uncomfortable dinner scenes in film history?  You can pre-order them from Play on this link at £8.99 and they’ll be released on June 22nd, which is probably the right time to be taking it along to barbeques and freaking people out.  Other varieties are available, but this one was my personal favourite.  As with everything, your mileage may vary.  Eat safe everyone!

On another note, Altered Realities Radio is currently undergoing some changes.  Do visit now as I’m sure there’s some really fun stuff coming up.


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