Merchandise Monday

While I have already done an entry on this week’s film, this piece of merchandise is definitely worth sharing.  The film itself is iconic, hailed as one of the first ‘slasher’ horrors alongside ‘Peeping Tom’ and directed by one of the best and most recognisable directors – Alfred Hitchcock.  The film is of course – Psycho.

‘Psycho’ could almost be considered too good to be confined solely to the horror genre.  It is a film classic, regardless of genre.  The film displays such a wonderful use of sound and manipulates the audience the whole way through.  The really shocking thing about the film is the way in which it dispatches its heroine and biggest star in Janet Leigh, leaving the film all on the shoulders of unfamiliar face Antony Perkins, who up until that point had been a stage actor with little screen exposure.  Added to this is the fact that his character Norman Bates – a seemingly normal bloke with a controlling and suspiciously absent mother – turns out to be a vicious voyeur and killer.  The film is filled with iconic images but the most ominous to me is the sight of the house, keeping away the secrets.  I’ve rambled a little here which is just because when I start talking about Psycho I can’t really stop, so I’m going to get on with the merchandise bit now.

Available from and priced at £36.99, this is the model kit of the house – complete with an LED light kit to create a light in the window.  I’m not doubting that this would take a long time for me to put together, but I can think of much worse things to do.  Things like turning off to that dingy hotel in the heavy rain.  What’s the worst that could happen right?

A note to anyone following Altered Realities Radio – you can now get all of your reviews, news and interviews at where I must say the site is looking very snazzy.


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