Site Spotlight

I know, I know, I’m a terrible flake and have forgotten yet another Merchandise Monday.  To be perfectly honest it’s proving more difficult than I thought to find new stuff each week and also keep my bank balance in check.  Some would say I need more will power and to them I say…well yeah probably.  So from now on, Merchandise Monday’s will be reserved for when I find stuff that simply must be seen.  Saying that, this week’s entry is something of a merchandise themed one.  Just go with it :).


Thanks to Twitter, I can pretty much fill my day browsing at all sorts of online shops and avoiding doing anything vitally important but every now and again a site pops up that I really want to revisit.  One of those sites is T-Shirt Bordello and as you can probably tell by the name, they sell t-shirts.  However, that’s not all they sell as there are also pretty good mugs and such on there too.  Now normally I can pick out my favourite shirt from a site, but so many of these are so good I simply can’t choose.


From the Shaun of the Dead themed ‘Zombaid’ shirt (priced at $15.99:


To prints inspired by The Shining (priced at $14.99):

All the way to the not-at-all horror themed, but still great This Is Spinal Tap design ($14.99 too):

The great thing about not being able to choose from any of the designs is that there’s currently a special offer on where you can get 1 shirt free if you buy 3 items.  Most of the designs are available in both the men’s and women’s styles so its a great place to pick up some fun gifts for anyone in your life.  As well as the online shop, they are also on Twitter on the handle @tshirtbordello.  Check it out now, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


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