Now I Lay Me Down to Reap Blog Tour

I am thrilled to be a part of the latest Siren’s Call Publications blog tour for the new horror anthology ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Reap’.  Purchase information will be at the end of the entry along with two extracts from the book. Hope you enjoy!

The eighth commandment; thou shalt not steal.

But everyone covets something that isn’t theirs…

Wander down the darker paths of the minds of twelve brilliantly talented authors as they conjure stories of retribution, deceit and betrayal.

Would you chance your family’s fate to the gods in return for a favor? Are the finer things in life worth having once you know the cost someone else had to pay for you to indulge in them? Would you give up your most addictive passion so that others might reap the benefits, regardless of the reward? Or perhaps, the chance at a fresh start and a new life appeals to you? Are you prepared to reap what you have sown?

Within this collection, you’ll find tales all too believable and beyond your oddest imaginings. But there is one thing you will not find… In this anthology, there are no happy endings.

And if that description doesn’t have you rushing to the links, here are two of my favourite extracts:

A False Odor of Sanctity – John H. Dromey

“When a new sound emerged from the surrounding shadowy darkness—a faint metallic clinking of chains—the diggers were too absorbed in their work to notice.

As the depth of the excavation approached four and a half feet, one of the men paused long enough to cover his mouth and nose with a heavy scarf, and then he resumed digging.

Soon afterwards one of the shovels turned up a shard of splintered wood.

Both men stopped digging. A muffled request of “Hand me the lantern” followed.

Holding the lantern with one hand, the chief digger knelt down and used his other hand to push away some dirt.

“Empty,” the man said, unwinding the scarf from around his neck and breathing deeply. “The Resurrectionists were here before us…”


Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! – Jeffery X Martin

“You were in back, in your car seat, and you said, “Who’s that man talking?”

Your mommy said, “Just some guy telling stories.”

You laughed and clapped your hands. “He’s funny! He talks funny,” you said. “He says funny things!”

And the guy did have that cadence going on, that deep Southern rhythm, adding extra syllables onto his words. “Jesus-ah! He is-ah coming back-ah! He is coming-ah! To retrieve his people-ah! To take his people-ah! Into the sky-ah! Up to his holy kingdom-ah! The holy kingdom of heaven-ah!”

You laughed like it was the funniest thing you had ever heard. We ended up listening to that shit on the radio all the way home from the grocery store.

All the way home.

All the way home…”

As well as these intriguing samples from authors John H. Dromey and Jeffery X Martin, the book also includes work by Ryan C. Anderson, Thomas James Brown, Aspen deLainey, Amber Keller, Christian A. Larsen, Lori Michelle, Sergio Palumbo, J. Marie Ravenshaw, Bill Read, and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Now I Lay Me Down To Reap is available at:

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Amazon FR

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Amazon Print



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