Abertoir 2012: The Vlogs (Day One-Three)

Videos and extra written bits from Hayley – enjoy!

Its been over a fortnight since the Abertoir Horror Festival celebrated its seventh horrific year, providing fans with the best in new and classic genre films as well as live events. In this piece I would like to showcase the video coverage I did alongside Caitlyn Downs (http://scaredsheepless.com) during the festival, including an interview with horror and gothic author Gavin Baddeley and a brief written, non-spoiler summary of my personal highlights from the festival. Abertoir screened some phenomenal films once again this year that I highly recommend you keep your eyeballs peeled for! For reviews of Sightseers, Citadel, Night Breed: The Cabal Cut and Resolution please check out my Celluloid Screams Coverage (http://mshayleyr1989.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/celluloid-screams-2012-day-one-coverage/).

Day One:

Me & Caitlyn introduce our coverage:

Sleep Tight (2011)

This Spanish psychological thriller will leave a profound effect on the mind. Sleep Tight deals with fascinating subject matters such as voyeurism and takes the…

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