The Terrible Twos

Yep, Scared Sheepless is two years old today.  In the last year plenty has gone on, with coverage expanding from written reviews on here and also at (with thanks to Robin and Julie) into festival video coverage and even a small attempt at an audio podcast (as co-productions with Hayley of Hayley’s Horror Reviews).  For this coming year I’m hoping to continue with the video coverage of Abertoir with Hayley and hopefully even attend some other festivals/events, including the all-new all-nighter at Celluloid Screams.

Already 2013 has had quite a lot to offer in terms of horror films that could potentially be on my Top 10 of 2013 list at the end of the year, but there is lots to look forward to over the coming months.  For me, there are a few films I am currently looking forward to –  Big Bad Wolves, Haunter and last but not least the new The Wicker Man print on blu ray which looks to be as complete a version as we’ll ever get.

In terms of events, there’s the obvious excitement for Abertoir (and hopefully Celluloid before it) but I’m also looking forward to seeing the full programme and event schedule for the BFI Gothic season, which promises a wide range of really special films and partnerships.  Also, who can forget all the wonderful things to be shown in celebration of 100 years of Peter Cushing?!

I would like to do a tiny bit of thanking in this too while I’m being self-indulgent. First off, to Robin and Julie, who without them accepting my work I never would have thought about setting up a blog, secondly to Hayley for working with me and putting up with my frequent trips to the bar between shooting footage and also to Jorge Solis, who has been very supportive and kind in his promotion of my work.

There are others too – too many to name – but I am thankful that the majority of people I speak to are kind, supportive and thoughtful, whether in just tweets or full blogs and reviews.  Also I’m super grateful that there are orginal and detailed review sites out there with some brilliantly talented writers that I can only hope to learn from and improve (mainly Brutal As Hell, which is definitely my favourite). 

I’m definitely planning on some other blog as a celebration of two years of Scared Sheepless, but this is it for now. As always, I’m available on Twitter (@caitlynmdowns) and also on Tumblr now under the handle of Scared Sheepless.  Thanks for reading!


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