OK, so we are 10 days away from Celluloid Screams in Sheffield.  I’ve only attended the Showroom once before for a fantastic screening and Q&A of Jen and Sylvia Soska’s American Mary so am looking forward to going back for a longer visit.  Upon returning home from Sheffield, I have a week before setting off for Aberystwyth for the Abertoir horror festival which has become my official yearly holiday. Who cares about warm weather? Give me Aberystwyth and its lovely (yet freezing) seaside any time.  Somewhere in between those two, lies Halloween.  Was so hoping to attend the screening of Night of the Demon at Tredegar House but sadly sometimes real life intervenes and is preventing me from getting to that one.  Very tempted to see what Abertoir are serving up as their Choice Cuts on Halloween in the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff too though alongside a screening of The Darkest Day with Q&A from director Chris Crow.  So much going on which is awesome!

So, with that said I’ve started making preparations and particularly seeing all the Halloween decorations and sweets out I am super excited, even though we’ve had exactly 0 trick or treaters in the last 5 years, despite having a ready supply of pretty great sweets, which I’m obviously forced to eat afterwards to avoid waste.  Come on lazy kids, you’re making me fat.  I don’t even mind if they have shitty costumes.  No creepy Psychoville trick or treaters though.

ImageNo…just no.  Do not want.

I think it’s about time I ran down my most anticipated films of both festivals, in no particular order… Click the titular links to be taken to the site for the festival and see the full line up.


Celluloid Screams – 25th to 27th October

1) Big Bad Wolves – heard so much about this.  Can’t wait to finally see it.  Currently Tarantino’s favourite film of this year as I recall.

2) Jug Face – star from the woman? Check.  Story of human sacrifice? Check.  Bit of cult activity? Check.  Bring me this film already!

3) Discopath – should have it’s own theme tune.  I won’t stop untl I find out if it does.  Also a prime contender for possible best soundtrack.

4) Der Fan – obsessed fandom.  Well I wouldn’t know anything about that. *cough cough*

5) Delivery – found-footage Rosemary’s Baby?  I could potentially really hate this one, but I’m intrigued.


Abertoir – 5th to 10th November

1) All Cheerleaders Die – Lucky McKee.  That is all.

2) Bad Milo! – Stress demon in arse.  I can relate.  To the stress, not the arse demon.  The trailer for this looked brilliant when I was doing my October horror line-up for (oops a cheap plug fell out) so excited to see it.

3) The Haunting – I will shit myself.  Lots.  Even though I’ve seen it before.  “Whose hand was I holding?”.  Terrifying.

4) The Borderlands – As already mentioned, I’m kind of surprised to be excited about a found footage film after spending most of my time groaning at each release, but have heard some good things about this one.

5) Soulmate – Set in Brecon, which is so close to home I might not be able to return if it’s too scary.  Although I’m expecting a thoughtful ghost story, largely due to the grace and beauty of Axelle Carolyn’s short The Last Post.


That’s what I’m looking forward to and you’ll be able to see my daily (and increasingly more weathered) reactions to each film thanks to the video coverage from myself and Hayley of Hayley’s Horror Reviews.  We’ll also be tweeting from the festivals provided the wi-fi is good and I’m not a total technological failure so if you can’t watch the video coverage, you can still keep up with what’s going on before we get back, recover and write longer and more coherent reviews.  I’ll also be posting some novelty pictures and stuff soon if WordPress will kindly allow it. *grumble grumble*


Twitter, as always is @caitlynmdowns and you can also find my reviews on along with many others who are submitting solid reviews of films and of course, the featured attraction, All Horror Radio.



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