Point of Death Review

Point of Death (also known as In Extremis through imdb.com) is a 2017 film which is now receiving a release on UK digital download. I had rather high hopes after discovering that it was directed by Steve Stone, whose earlier film The Entity I’d reviewed some time ago (link) and was not left disappointed.

Synopsis: Alex is a man with everything – the well-paid executive job, the impressive house in the country and the beautiful wife and child. When he inexplicably decides to leave work early one Friday nothing will ever be the same again. Within hours of his return a cataclysmic storm threatens to destroy everything around them. Isolated without power or phones this loving family descends into a nightmare of terror, violence and visions that threaten their very existence. In the confusion of past and present, Alex and his family have to face the real nature of the events – are they real or imagined? What if every parent’s nightmare is happening to them?

Steve Stone’s direction is confident and despite a somewhat shaky start the tension and intrigue find a way through. Point of Death is a film which is very comfortable in building a sense of dread, added to with some really impressive sound and production design. The storm itself looks a little unconvincing, but the surrounding material is interesting enough that any misgivings are soon forgotten.

The film belongs to David O’Hara as Alex, a patriarchal figure who moves from cold indifference to a familial warmth with ease. He is required to do the bulk of the film’s emotional heavy-lifting and handles it well. Isabelle Allen, although young, complements his performance ably. Some early dialogue-heavy scenes feel somewhat stilted, although this gives way to the building dread and becomes far more convincing.

Some viewers will guess where the film is heading before it actually reaches that point, and the film is certainly content to keep its secrets through the majority of the screen time without providing too many hints. A great deal of time and care is taken in deliberately wrong-footing the viewer in interesting ways including some genuinely impressive and creepy set pieces.

Overall, Point of Death is a well-crafted, creepy piece with a fair amount of emotional weight which is well worth your time and attention.

Point of Death is out on digital download on February 11th.


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