For June, as a reckoning continued within the horror community I felt disillusioned with the industry. I was fearful (and still am, although more constructively so) about promoting films that later turned out to be a site of abuse and harassment.

However, given time to think and process I’ve come to a decision to return to film blogging. Thank you to those who made contact with me during the outage – it genuinely meant a lot to me. I have struggled with finding a unique voice, but can only be me. As a white cis-woman I need to be better about addressing my advantages and also moving away from fandom (which, in many ways leads to disappointment). I am pansexual (maybe bisexual with no gender preference – I’m still exploring terminology), but I don’t consider my voice to be marginalised in the same way as others. Unlike many people I am able to ‘pass’ without questions being raised about my identity being questioned. I am lucky enough to be able to make a decision to only talk about this within spaces I find to be safe and stand in solidarity with those who are openly discriminated against.

Much of the reckoning about abusers in industry feels very far away from my experience in Wales. Understandably, victims of abuse do not always want to share their experience publicly and so unless you are involved directly in the community and spaces where this takes place, you are unlikely to know. As a result, many of my opinions will be based on my experience of the film and in some cases, the public images of those involved in the making of. My emails and Twitter DMs are open to those who need to express concern about reviews. Existing reviews and praise will remain on the site as they were written before troubling things were made public.

In going forward I’ll be looking for more independent productions. Again, my email and Twitter DMs are open for communication. Many of the films I’ve received via Twitter DM have been inventive, exciting films so please feel free to contact me if you have a film that you would like reviewed.

I’ve kept some of the resources I shared throughout June for other voices and donation links to charities that need support.

Reviews from the Real Queen of Horror

Graveyard Shift Sisters Archive

Reviews from The Horrorcist

Reviews from LoveHorror

Gayly Dreadful

The SoHo Horror Festival Pride edition – remote event on June 27th (information still on site)

Final Girls Film Festival

Donate to Black Lives Matter

Donate to RAINN

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