Grimmfest 2021 Festival Preview

The 13th edition of Grimmfest will take place 7-10 Oct at Odeon Great Northern in Manchester UK and a hybrid online edition will run 14th -17th Oct. 

As we head closer to (or, if you’re like me, have never left) Spooky Season, there is no shortage of ways to watch new films with appreciative audiences. While some may still not feel safe enough to venture back into the cinema full time for their festival experience, GRIMMFEST are also holding a virtual option, meaning no one has to miss out on the fun. Here is a quick line up of some of the great stuff on offer and stay tuned to this blog for reviews. Check out the GRIMMFEST site for more information and tickets.


The Beta Test has been on my radar for some time now with promises of a satirical take on toxic masculinity making it a must-see, plus many mentions of a shocking opening scene. This is the first feature to kick off the festival, so should hopefully start things off in the right way.


Possibly the most stressful film I’ve seen this year, Midnight is making several festival spots for good reason. You can read my review from the New York Asian Film Festival here.


A diversion from Richard Bates Jnr’s usual acerbic takes, although not lacking in laughs, King Knight went down a storm at Fantasia and FrightFest. King Knight sees Matthew Gray-Gubler’s Thorn leave his coven to confront his past at a high school reunion.


The Sadness may well split audiences but those who like their action absolutely drenched in blood will certainly be made happy by this frenetic, violent offering. You can read my review here.


Fresh off the release of Kandisha on Shudder, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury bring their underwater found footage about urban explorers to GRIMMFEST. Balancing the found footage concept with an underwater shoot sounds like this one is bringing the technical competence along with the scares.


Like The Beta Test, World’s Fair has been at numerous festivals this year but yet, somehow, I’ve not been able to watch it. From everything I’ve heard, this will be more than worth the wait. An examination of online culture using the desktop format that always holds my attention, this is top of my list of anticipated films.

Author: ScaredSheepless

Film and television fan, with a particular love for horror.

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