Salem Horror Festival 2021

The Salem Horror Festival returns throughout October with a host of special events, physical screenings of features and shorts, plus a virtual line-up. I’m thrilled to be covering the festival remotely this year, so stay tuned for more coverage coming up soon. Before that, you can read about a few titles that I’m looking forward to, or titles I’ve already seen and can recommend.

Sundown Town
This powerful short covers a great deal of ground within a short space of time, perfectly capturing the long-lasting effects of generational trauma. You can watch this at the physical or virtual festival.

What Happens Next Will Scare You
Showing at the physical festival, this film focused on viral videos and the truth (or lies) behind them has a lot to live up to due to its clickbait-style title but promises a really intriguing concept that I’m keen to see unfold.

Alice Maio Mackay’s work on the short Tooth 4 Tooth marked her as one to watch with a sense of style that demands attention. Incredibly, SO VAM was shot in only seven days so I’m excited to see this vampire film. For more about Alice, you can check out Wren Crain’s filmmaker spotlight for Ghouls Magazine.

Two Witches
The idea of matriarchal curses and how they pass on is one I find myself drawn to again and again, so I’m absolutely sold by the concept of Two Witches. The ultra-jumpy trailer promises high energy scares.

Sam and Mattie Make A Zombie Movie
This is the first title in the list that I’ve already seen and it is really a wonderful offering – you can read my review here. Part-documentary and part-film showcase, Sam and Mattie (supported by friends and family) set about making their own low-budget but definitely not low-expectations zombie movie.

Who doesn’t love a spooky time-loop movie? 6:45 sees a couple take a holiday together to a location with a tragic past and soon find themselves waking at the titular time every day to face their own violent deaths. I love to see how these stories are constructed so this is an absolute must-see for me.

In addition to films, Salem Horror Fest is also dedicated to nurturing emerging film-makers. This year, they have partnered with The George A. Romero Foundation to provide the George A. Romero Film Fellowship, which will award three film-makers with dedicated mentoring schemes to support their next project. Salem has already been the launchpad for films like Threshold and Death Drop Gorgeous that have gone on to receive wider distribution so it is exciting to hear that this support will continue and bring more exciting projects forward.

Please check out Salem Horror Fest’s webpage for more information and tickets.

Author: ScaredSheepless

Film and television fan, with a particular love for horror.

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