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I know, I know, I’m a terrible flake and have forgotten yet another Merchandise Monday.  To be perfectly honest it’s proving more difficult than I thought to find new stuff each week and also keep my bank balance in check.  Some would say I need more will power and to them I say…well yeah probably.  So from now on, Merchandise Monday’s will be reserved for when I find stuff that simply must be seen.  Saying that, this week’s entry is something of a merchandise themed one.  Just go with it🙂.


Thanks to Twitter, I can pretty much fill my day browsing at all sorts of online shops and avoiding doing anything vitally important but every now and again a site pops up that I really want to revisit.  One of those sites is T-Shirt Bordello and as you can probably tell by the name, they sell t-shirts.  However, that’s not all they sell as there are also pretty good mugs and such on there too.  Now normally I can pick out my favourite shirt from a site, but so many of these are so good I simply can’t choose.


From the Shaun of the Dead themed ‘Zombaid’ shirt (priced at $15.99:


To prints inspired by The Shining (priced at $14.99):

All the way to the not-at-all horror themed, but still great This Is Spinal Tap design ($14.99 too):

The great thing about not being able to choose from any of the designs is that there’s currently a special offer on where you can get 1 shirt free if you buy 3 items.  Most of the designs are available in both the men’s and women’s styles so its a great place to pick up some fun gifts for anyone in your life.  As well as the online shop, they are also on Twitter on the handle @tshirtbordello.  Check it out now, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Merchandise Monday

While I have already done an entry on this week’s film, this piece of merchandise is definitely worth sharing.  The film itself is iconic, hailed as one of the first ‘slasher’ horrors alongside ‘Peeping Tom’ and directed by one of the best and most recognisable directors – Alfred Hitchcock.  The film is of course – Psycho.

‘Psycho’ could almost be considered too good to be confined solely to the horror genre.  It is a film classic, regardless of genre.  The film displays such a wonderful use of sound and manipulates the audience the whole way through.  The really shocking thing about the film is the way in which it dispatches its heroine and biggest star in Janet Leigh, leaving the film all on the shoulders of unfamiliar face Antony Perkins, who up until that point had been a stage actor with little screen exposure.  Added to this is the fact that his character Norman Bates – a seemingly normal bloke with a controlling and suspiciously absent mother – turns out to be a vicious voyeur and killer.  The film is filled with iconic images but the most ominous to me is the sight of the house, keeping away the secrets.  I’ve rambled a little here which is just because when I start talking about Psycho I can’t really stop, so I’m going to get on with the merchandise bit now.

Available from and priced at £36.99, this is the model kit of the house – complete with an LED light kit to create a light in the window.  I’m not doubting that this would take a long time for me to put together, but I can think of much worse things to do.  Things like turning off to that dingy hotel in the heavy rain.  What’s the worst that could happen right?

A note to anyone following Altered Realities Radio – you can now get all of your reviews, news and interviews at where I must say the site is looking very snazzy.

Merchandise Monday

As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of bringing horror firmly into everyday life.  One thing you probably won’t know about me is that I love sushi (although not the raw fish stuff as it would interfere with the vegetarianism and that).  You’re probably a little nervous about where this is going right now – don’t be.  The ratings say that this particular Merchandise Monday subject is fully safety tested so there shouldn’t be any… unfortunate side effects.

That’s right – its an ‘Alien’ style Chest Burster chopstick.  What better way to enjoy your meal than by recalling one of the most uncomfortable dinner scenes in film history?  You can pre-order them from Play on this link at £8.99 and they’ll be released on June 22nd, which is probably the right time to be taking it along to barbeques and freaking people out.  Other varieties are available, but this one was my personal favourite.  As with everything, your mileage may vary.  Eat safe everyone!

On another note, Altered Realities Radio is currently undergoing some changes.  Do visit now as I’m sure there’s some really fun stuff coming up.

Merchandise Monday

To celebrate restarting Merchandise Monday I’m goin to return to the film that started it off – The Exorcist.  The thing about The Exorcist is that its a film chock full of iconic images that stick with you and thus make brilliant figures.  This one is less expensive than the bed display from the first entry, but depicts one of the most frightening and strange images.

Without further ado, the infamous Spider Walk:

At just £7.99 from The Haunted Shop it would make a great but cheap Christmas gift for a horror fan.  Standing at 7 inches its a piece of merchandise that doesn’t take up a great deal of space.  Not much time to get it before Christmas, so get it while you can!

Merchandise Monday

Happy Halloween!  Due to there being almost nothing on TV for Halloween tonight (aside from a repeat of the fantastic Psychoville Halloween Special from last year, followed by the first part of A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss I’ve abandoned the idea of doing a Halloween TV round up tomorrow.  Hopefully next year we’ll get some good new stuff to watch.  The fact that BBC2’s offering is Halloween: Resurrection tells you everything you need to know about the scheduling for this year.


So, moan over and onto the merchandise.  I wanted to feature something a bit special today because of it being Halloween and all.  While browsing Forbidden Planet earlier I found a listing for a new book, available to pre-order:


I’ve not heard that much about the book (if I had I would have been salivating possibly even more than I am now), but the description says it includes input from Christopher Lee, Sam Raimi, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg among others.  Even if Landis’ name on the cover doesn’t float your boat, one of them is sure to.  It seems to be a pretty definitive book, with input from monster makers, actors and directors offering more perspectives than just Landis could offer.  Expected in Forbidden Planet’s warehouse tomorrow, it’s priced at just £24.99.  I intend to start heavily hinting to family members about it as soon as possible.

So…what’s so special about a book?  Surely it’s the same as any other book.  Well, in addition to it arriving at the Forbidden Planet warehouse tomorrow, John Landis himself will be making an appearance to sign copies at the Forbidden Planet megastore on Shaftesbury Avenue from 6-7pm.  This means that in addition to owning a pretty nifty looking book, you could also have it signed by the man himself.  My jealousy is just a freebie on top of all that.  Get there if you can!  Full details available here.

Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is further evidence that I need to be banned from eBay.  It’s getting silly now.  I can’t go a day without searching for little trinkets that I don’t need and certainly don’t have the space for.  Doing Merchandise Monday has become a very dangerous window shopping experience for me and my bank account, but it’s also great fun.

I’m a big fan of anthology or portmanteau horror films, particularly those by Amicus studios, but I think my favourite so far is The Vault of Horror.  It certainly has my favourite story of the ones I’ve seen so far – ‘Midnight Mess’ in which a gruesome discovery is made in an after-hours restaurant.  That one scene combines everything I love about horror – twists, turns, grim discoveries, the potential for camp and dark humour.

It’s a difficult thing to get any sort of merchandise from this film (unless you like taps, ropes or jars) but there is one thing I found that was a special piece related to the film:

The one I found is on eBay at this link and is currently at £19.99 with one day and 19 hours remaining to bid.  Only £2.01 postage if you’re in the UK too, which is hard to beat.  Now all I have to do is walk away from the computer before I go ahead and buy it myself.

Stay tuned to Scared Sheepless as tomorrow I have an interview with horror author Jake Bannerman.

Merchandise Monday

One of my many quirks is that I enjoy shot glasses.  Not just for drinking out of (although of course I rarely turn down a shot) but also for remembering places I’ve been or just simply for decoration.  They’re great for collecting because they don’t take up as much room as, say, a mug and usually have much more interesting designs.  While my usual criteria for a shot glass is that I’ve actually visited the place, I’m willing to make an exception for today’s item….

While having no desire to actually visit Elm Street (my nightmares give me enough trouble as it is!) I’m really fond of these shot glasses.  They look pretty sturdy, which is a necessity for anything I’m spending my money on and would make a horror movie themed drinking game all the more fun and authentic.  It seems like A Nightmare on Elm Street may be the go-to film for horror merchandise, considering it has already appeared not so long ago.

You can find the glasses here on Amazon for just £3.40, with free delivery in the UK.

Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is a little more tame in the horror stakes, but certainly not in price.  Beetlejuice is one of my favourite films, largely because of the blend of comedy and horror that I love so much.  Even though titular character Beetlejuice is only present in the film for a relatively small amount of time the performance is a memorable one.  The merchandise this week too, is a far more rare item from The Monster Company than previous entries.


This is a Warner Brothers promotional bottle of red wine, stored in an official Beetlejuice coffin and is £59.99 which is quite a price, but this is quite a collectible.  The item listing does advise buyers to not consume the wine even though the bottle is unopened, but it’s such a special little thing I can’t imagine ever wanting to destroy it by having a glug of it.


As always, if you have some merchandise you wish to sell, or even something cool you’d like other people to know about get in touch via Twitter.  Scared Sheepless now has its own domain name and soon an email address will be set up for all questions and queries related to the blog.

Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is another entry that concerns one of my favourite films.  This week it’s John Carpenter’s Halloween.  I love pretty much everything about Halloween – the music, Jamie Lee Curtis and particularly Donald Pleasance to name but a few special elements.  If there’s anything more fun than conversing entirely in the style of Dr Sam Loomis I certainly haven’t found it.  I know that Halloween is perhaps now best known for popularising the slasher genre and providing a market for churning out sequels and other slashers to the point of saturation, but it’s still a great film and needs celebrating.

At first glance this looks like a simple model bust like any other number of those available of different villains.  However, this one, available from (link will take you direct to the item, for temptation’s sake) has a removeable knife, although hopefully not a sharp one and it also lights up.  As everyone knows, where there are hollow pumkins with faces, there must be an eerie light and this piece of merchandise has taken that into account in a wonderful way.  It’s listed at $44.99 which means its a perfect price for that special someone who needs more Halloween in their life.

As a note to readers, if you see any merchandise (or create any yourself) and you would like to see it featured here, just get in touch with me via Twitter – @caitd5 or drop me a message over on DarkMediaCity – slightly more formal username of Caitlyn on there.